really went from long hair, to a comb over, and now short hair! quite crazy… gotta have them guessing 

i want an inactive tumblr url is so bad… 

not much has changed… it’s been a while. still lifting weights!

really thought  the guy who plays superman in man of steel was the same guy who plays charlie baker in cheaper by the dozen

having loose skin hanging from the top of your mouth after eating hot pizza - 6 Reasons You're Not Making Progress

This article sounds like it was made just for me. No changes in a while on the scale but been told i look better in one muscle or just more “swole” then I did like a month ago [laughs] but I can relate to all 6 Maybe it’s all in my head…  Actually no. It has to be stress… bodybuilding lifestyle isn’t easy.

#illuminati is behind it. I JUST KNOW IT #eggs #coincidenceithinknot 🍳🍳🍳3⃣🔺🔼
maybe she’s an uppity, “better than everyone” superskank - 500 Days of Summer - McKenzie (Geoffrey Arend)

yes i’m listening to bon iver; no i’m not sad

plot twist: two people are bestfriends and neither one of them wants to be be more than just friends